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Well, what can I say and where do I start and how much time do you have? JK...My name is Kerri and my husband is Shane and together we are a family of SEVEN! Its the mine, his and ours thing. Mine being Jade (20)& Jalen (17). His being Riley (19) & Brooklynn (17) and OURS being Jagger (4). Oh and Febe, how could I forget Febe dog, she has been around for 10 years! Our life is complicated and busy, teenagers going every which way and a 4 year-old to boot. Jade is back to Dixie State College this fall and working for our business, "Stairways", Jalen is a Senior this year at Desert Hills High School in St George and playing Football(Captain) & Wrestling, Riley graduated from Canyon View High School in 2009 and now working in Cedar City, Brooklynn is a Senior and just moved to Austin, Texas where she will finish High School. She is involved in the FFA and is also an expert texter, and Jaggy is perfecting the art of being a four-year old, riding bikes and playing cars is his specialty. He is attending Barefoot Montessori Preschool this year and learning to read.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our best times of the year are shared at the lake with family and friends...We always have a good time!
Melissa & Kerri at Lake Powell for 24th of July...

Lesli & Kerri at Lake Mead...

Shane and Kerri

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Shauni Kaye said...

Holy crap you blogged! I didn't even know until I looked at Brenna's blog. You got automatically knocked off my blog list after a year of not posting. LOL Now you are back. YAY!

Cute pics by the way:) Now keep posting. It's nice to see what's going on with you guys since we don't see you much.